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DACA Win in the Supreme Court

Published June 24, 2020 by Brooks Law Firm

The Latest DACA Ruling, Explained All across the United States, Dreamers have been able to breathe a sigh of relief as the U.S. Supreme Court shot down the Trump administration’s effort to dismantle the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)…

Who Qualifies for Paid Leave During COVID-19?

Published May 15, 2020 by Brooks Law Firm

If you have been unable to work due to a COVID-19 infection or because you are providing care for someone in your family who is sick with COVID-19, you may be eligible for paid time off. If you got sick…

Study Warns of Higher Injury Rate for Temporary Workers

Published March 13, 2020 by Brooks Law Firm

People take temporary work for all kinds of reasons. Although these workers may not have the same full package of benefits as full-time employees, they do have the same right to a safe work environment. However, a recent study has…

Should We Be Saying 'Traffic Violence' Instead of 'Car Accident'?

Published February 27, 2020 by Brooks Law Firm
Should We Be Saying ‘Traffic Violence’ Instead of ‘Car Accident’?

Social scientists and scholars have pushed us to think about the words we use and the impact they have. The language we choose to describe “car accidents,” “car crashes,” or “traffic violence” changes the way we think about our own…

Long Trend of Declining Workplace Accident Rate Stalls in 2018

Published December 13, 2019 by Brooks Law Firm

For the past few years, the number of workplace accidents in the private sector had been dropping. However, that is no longer the case. In 2018, the rate of non-fatal illnesses and injuries remained stagnant, at 2.8 per 100 full-time…

Winter Driving Tips

Published November 26, 2019 by Brooks Law Firm
Winter Driving Tips

A New England winter wouldn’t be the same without freezing rain, icy roads, and heaps of snow. Even though the National Weather Service in Boston predicts warmer-than-average temperatures in late 2019 and early 2020, meteorologists tell The Boston Globe to…

Filing a Workers' Comp Case? Don't Make these Mistakes!

Published June 27, 2019 by Brooks Law Firm
Filing a Workers’ Comp Case? Don’t Make these Mistakes!

Workplace injuries can be devastating, especially if you are faced with severe life-altering injuries. It could be even more frustrating if your injury was a result of the negligence of your employer or coworker. If you are planning to file…

What if I Have a Pre-existing Condition?

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm
What if I Have a Pre-existing Condition?

Employees or workers who are injured on the job or is performing the duties of his or her job is eligible to receive workers’ compensation if the actions entailed in the job aggravate a pre-existing medical condition. Some employees, however, may not…

Should I Accept a Lump Sum Settlement for My Workers' Comp Case?

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm
Should I Accept a Lump Sum Settlement?

What typically occurs when an injured worker qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits is that the insurance company offers to settle the entire case with a “lump sum” payment which terminates the insurer’s responsibility to make weekly payments to the worker. If an injured worker…

Workers' Comp After Company Vehicle Accidents

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm

There are numerous fields of occupation that require an employee to travel regularly and in a company provided vehicle. Mail couriers, food delivery drivers, and even office clerks or interns are expected to hit the road every day. While out…

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