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Car Accidents

Improperly Loaded Truck Accident Lawyer

Published November 27, 2020 by Legal Soft

Truck drivers must have a great deal of training and skill to operate commercial motor vehicles safely. However, even a skilled driver can lose control of a truck that has been improperly loaded with cargo. For example, a truck may…

What to Do After a Car Accident

Published by Legal Soft

The shock of a car accident can leave you feeling unsure about what to do next. Even if you know someone else was at fault, you may not know what you should be doing to protect your rights. Most people…

Should We Be Saying 'Traffic Violence' Instead of 'Car Accident'?

Published February 27, 2020 by Brooks Law Firm
Should We Be Saying ‘Traffic Violence’ Instead of ‘Car Accident’?

Social scientists and scholars have pushed us to think about the words we use and the impact they have. The language we choose to describe “car accidents,” “car crashes,” or “traffic violence” changes the way we think about our own…

Winter Driving Tips

Published November 26, 2019 by Brooks Law Firm
Winter Driving Tips

A New England winter wouldn’t be the same without freezing rain, icy roads, and heaps of snow. Even though the National Weather Service in Boston predicts warmer-than-average temperatures in late 2019 and early 2020, meteorologists tell The Boston Globe to…

Ways You Can Help Prove You Were Not Liable for Your Car Accident

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm
Ways You Can Help Prove You Were Not Liable for Your Car Accident

Following any car accident, insurance companies are going to want to know who caused it so they can assign liability. Of course, you must assume that any company not representing you is looking for ways to pile liability for your crash…

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