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Workers' Comp After Company Vehicle Accidents

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm

There are numerous fields of occupation that require an employee to travel regularly and in a company provided vehicle. Mail couriers, food delivery drivers, and even office clerks or interns are expected to hit the road every day. While out there on the streets, they are vulnerable to the dangers caused by negligent, distracted drivers. As such, an employee who gets into a company vehicle accident is still entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits if they are seriously injured.

Were You Driving for Work or To Work?

For a workers’ compensation claim based on a car accident while driving a company vehicle to be valid for the benefits sought, it should be clearly established that the employee was driving for a work-related duty. Simply driving to or from work generally does not count as a duty specific to someone’s job expectations in terms of workers’ comp eligibility.

Job expectations involving the operation of a company vehicle include:

  • Driving to or returning from an off-site job.
  • Delivering product to a client.
  • Collecting up product from a vendor.
  • Picking up another employee to drive to or from work.
  • Going to a retail store to buy supplies for the company per instruction.

However, Massachusetts workers’ compensation law does include a “coming and going” rule that may extend benefits to an employee hurt in a car accident so long as they were in a company vehicle, regardless of what tasks they were trying to complete at the time. Since the “coming and going” rule is somewhat up to interpretation, it is important to work with a Massachusetts company vehicle accidents lawyer to determine your own eligibility based on the details of your accident case.

What If You Caused Your Company Car Accident?

The top concern of people who need to seek workers’ compensation benefits following a company vehicle accident is liability. In many cases, the employee driving the company vehicle is the also the person who gets hurt and who causes the accident. While this would not be good news if they wanted to file a personal injury claim, it is somewhat irrelevant for a workers’ comp claim since such claims do not factor in liability. So long as the employee was completing a job-related task, did not try to hurt themselves, and was not breaking the law at the time of the accident, they should be able to receive benefits to help cover their injury damages.

Free Workers’ Comp Case Evaluations

Brooks Law believes in the importance of protecting and upholding an injured employee’s right to workers’ compensation benefits in all situations. Whether you were in a company vehicle accident or slipped and fell in your office, you should be given the appropriate amount of benefits to help you pay for medical costs and recuperate without worrying about your finances. If your employer or their insurer does not want to give you the right amount of benefits you deserve, give our Medford workers’ compensation lawyers a call at (888) 558-0622 to put a complimentary case evaluation on your schedule.

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