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Filing a Workers' Comp Case? Don't Make these Mistakes!

Published June 27, 2019 by Brooks Law Firm
Filing a Workers’ Comp Case? Don’t Make these Mistakes!

Workplace injuries can be devastating, especially if you are faced with severe life-altering injuries. It could be even more frustrating if your injury was a result of the negligence of your employer or coworker. If you are planning to file a worker’s compensation lawsuit, avoid making the below mistakes.

  1. Waiting to report your injury — One of the biggest mistakes injured employees make is not reporting their injury right away. Even if you think the injury isn’t that extensive, you should always report the injury right away. Failing to report your injury right away could result in your company’s workers’ compensation agent claiming your injury was not work related.
  2. Not seeking medical attention immediately – The second biggest mistake employees make is holding off seeing the doctor. You could be denied compensation if your doctor is ill-informed about your injury. Many injuries may not surface for a few days due to shock or stress, but x-rays or MRI’s might reveal them before you’re in too much pain. Furthermore, when you visit the doctor, their advice and opinion are the most favorable evidence for your workers’ compensation claim.
  3. Talking to your employer about your rights – Regardless of how chummy you are with your employer, don’t discuss your injuries with him or her. Remember, your interests and wellbeing are not a top priority for your manager.
  4. Trusting your workers’ compensation insurance company – Just as we mentioned your employer wouldn’t have your best interests in mind, neither will your employer’s insurance company. Insurance agents will likely look for ways to limit the amount they pay you in the settlement. If you feel the insurance company is offering you less than you need to pay your medical bills and make up for lost wages, you should contact our Medford workers’ comp attorney.
  5. Not seeking out legal advice about your injury – As a workers’ compensation attorney, it is in our best interests to ensure you are awarded the highest possible compensation available from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Your wins are our wins! We have dedicated our entire practice to helping those injured on the job seek compensation for their injuries.

If you are ready to file your workers’ compensation claim, contact our Medford workers’ comp attorney today for more information on what to do next.

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