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Hazards & Workplace Injuries Encountered by Office Workers

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm
Hazards & Workplace Injuries Encountered by Office Workers

Workers’ compensation benefits should be made available to any eligible employee who becomes injured on-the-job. Just the concept of workers’ comp evokes imagery of “dangerous” occupations, like police officers or industrial crew members. The truth, however, is every employee in every occupation can encounter dangerous situations and get hurt while working, especially if their employers do not prioritize safety. Office workers and business professionals are no exception.

While in an office environment, workers need to be aware of repetitive stress injuries (RSI). By completing the same action or motion repeatedly, again and again — for weeks, months, or years — an RSI begins to form. Joints and digits are especially sensitive to repeated, acute movements. Someone who spends eight or more hours a day on a keyboard, like an average office worker, could develop arthritis or carpal tunnel, which are both RSIs.

It is also not unusual for a business professional to catch an occupational disease. Usually associated with hospital workers who must deal directly with ill patients, an occupational disease is any sort of illness contracted due to work expectations. Most offices are enclosed environments with central air systems. When someone is ill, the germs can spread rapidly to all rooms of the office, making other people catch the illness. Colds and flus are problematic, but it is feasible that a disease far more dangerous could be spread this way.

Lastly, office workers are sometimes more prone to slip or trip and fall accidents due to their work environment. The typical office can be cluttered with computers, copy machines, and other electronics that need plenty of wiring to operate. If the wiring is not arranged properly, there could be a serious trip hazard at every workstation.

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