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Seeking Compensation for an Occupational Disease or Illness

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm
Seeking Compensation for an Occupational Disease or Illness

Many workers are exposed to dangerous substances, chemicals, and materials as part of their expected job duties. For employees in a medical field, they may spend the entirety of their work day around people who have contagious illnesses. When a worker does contract a disease, illness, or debilitating health condition in their line of work and because of their work duties, they may be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits by citing what is called an occupational disease.

Workers who may be at risk of contracting an occupational disease include:

  • Industrial workers around harsh chemicals.
  • Construction workers who handle asbestos.
  • Doctors and nurses in medical wards housing contagious individuals.

Different types of common occupational diseases include:

  • Respiratory diseases like mesothelioma
  • Various forms of cancer
  • Skin disease
  • Chronic pain related to repetitive motion injury

Proving a Link Between Your Work & Your Illness

The most difficult part of seeking workers’ compensation benefits after contracting an occupational disease is proving there is a correlation between your job and your condition. Knowing the exact root of an illness is nearly impossible, especially if it gradually worsened over the course of many weeks, months, or years. The obscurity in its origins allows insurance companies ample room to try to position the disease as something you contracted for any reason other than your occupation.

To build a stronger case for yourself and improve your chances of getting deserved benefits, you should consider retaining the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer. Together, you can analyze any evidence you have regarding your disease and your job. For example, do you work for a company that transports, stores, manufactures, or disposes of hazardous chemicals? Find hard proof of that work, like company emails regarding the substances and how you interacted with them. The goal is to remove any doubt that your disease is not work related so you can quickly secure the financial benefits needed.

At Brooks Law, our Medford workers’ compensation attorneys offer their legal services and insight to people all around Massachusetts. We would be happy to inform you of your rights as an injured or debilitated worker and the workers’ compensation filing process. Just dial (888) 558-0622 to add a free consultation to your calendar.

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