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Should I Accept a Lump Sum Settlement for My Workers' Comp Case?

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm
Should I Accept a Lump Sum Settlement?

What typically occurs when an injured worker qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits is that the insurance company offers to settle the entire case with a “lump sum” payment which terminates the insurer’s responsibility to make weekly payments to the worker. If an injured worker believes there is a chance they might lose the claim or believe that the insurer might reduce or end period benefits, they often opt to take the deal.

According to Massachusetts law, lump sum agreements cannot prevent you from the following:

  • Coming back to work for the same employer
  • Going back to work for a different employer
  • Receiving any pay or benefits owed to you by your employer
  • Receiving medical treatment due to the work-related injury
  • Filing any more workers’ compensation claims in the future
  • Filing a worker’s compensation claim for a different injury
  • Filing claims of breach of contract against your employer or wrongful discharge

However, this means that you are unable seek more benefits in your case in the form of weekly payments. Agreeing to a lump sum can also affect your claim against a third party for the same injury, since third-party settlements don’t have to be made with the intention of fulfilling your best interests.

At Brooks Law, our Medford workers’ compensation lawyers will review your case and determine if accepting a lump sum payment is your best option. With extensive experience in the greater Massachusetts area and an exceptional track record of success, we possess the comprehensive knowledge of the state legal system and court proceedings to help you obtain the outcome you desire. Our legal team can guide you every step of the way and provide you with legal advice in order to help you get your life back on track.

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