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Steps to Take After Being Hurt in a Warehouse Accident

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm
Steps to Take After Being Hurt in a Warehouse Accident

Warehouse careers are on the rise across America as more and more companies shift industrial jobs back to the States. With so many people employed in a warehouse of some make or size, the odds of a dangerous warehouse accident also increase. This is especially true if employers do not take their responsibility to provide a safe work environment seriously, allowing safety violations to abound.

If you ever get hurt in a work-related warehouse accident, be sure to follow these hints afterwards:

  • Seek medical attention: You need to get yourself to a doctor sooner than later after being in a warehouse accident. If your injuries could be or are severe, emergency medical attention is necessary and should not be denied. If you suspect your injuries are not life-threatening but still debilitating, it is advised you leave your shift early and go to your physician for a checkup. You never know what subtle injuries you may have experienced. Also, insurance companies will be prone to deny any claim not accompanied by a medical visit of some kind.
  • Tell your employer: In order to establish the validity of your workers’ compensation claim after a warehouse accident, it is important to make certain your employer or supervisor knows about it as soon as possible. Delaying the time between your injury and your employer’s notification of it could appear suspicious to your boss and insurance companies, possibly giving them a reason to deny the claim later. However, if your employer should have reasonably learned about your accident without your direct input, you may be able to argue that you did not have to do so.
  • Talk to coworkers: The people working around you might have the clearest idea of what actually happened to you that caused the accident. Using their testimonies could be invaluable if you have to challenge a denial or need to establish liability for your claim, which is rare.
  • Review company accident records: Keeping in mind that your claim could be unreasonably denied by an insurer who is skeptical your accident occurred or is related to your injury, getting company accident records can be useful. If your employer has a history of not preventing the kind of warehouse accident that led to your injury, then it may be something a workers’ comp attorney could use to your advantage later on.

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