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Why Is My Workplace Injury Case Taking So Long?

Published June 27, 2018 by Brooks Law Firm
Why Is My Workplace Injury Case Taking So Long?

While many workers’ compensation claims are quickly resolved – typically within six months to two years – some may take longer. For example, if you suffered an injury requiring multiple surgeries over months or years, it is your lawyer’s job to ensure that you are fully recovered before reaching a settlement or going to trial.

The following are the most common reasons a case could take longer than anticipated:

  • Your injury is complicated. While most are open-and-shut cases, it may take a while to get depositions from your treating doctors, as well as any IME doctors if you have multiple or unique injuries.
  • The insurance company providing compensation went bankrupt. While this is rare, it will put a temporary hold on most cases until another company can handle your claim.
  • Your trial is complex. If multiple witnesses are required to testify, especially if they are located in another state or country, it may take a long time to arrange the trial. For example, if you were injured while traveling abroad and you need a witness testimony from the country where you were injured, it could take time to arrange. However, this does not apply to all cases. Never accept delays in your case without inquiring why the trial time has been extended.
  • Your lawyer is lazy. In some cases, your attorney is the one holding back your case.

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