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Immigration Lawyer in Framingham

The United States began as a country of immigrants, but immigration to the country has become increasingly difficult. Even people who are trying their best to go through the right channels face incredibly high hurdles. The process can take months or even years while you wait for the courts to decide such an important piece of your future.

The knowledgeable Framingham immigration lawyers at Brooks Law understand how exhausting and nerve-wracking the court system can be. We want to take this pressure off you and give you peace of mind that your immigration case is being handled competently and compassionately. If you’re facing a complicated immigration matter, call Brooks Law today. Our immigration attorneys in Framingham provide services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and our knowledgeable legal team is available to speak with you 24/7.

Don’t wait a moment longer to set the course for your future. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation with an immigration lawyer.

Immigration Cases We Handle

At Brooks Law, we have the skills and resources to tackle even the most complex immigration cases. Some of the most common types of cases we handle include:


The United States has multiple laws that were enacted to care for oppressed and vulnerable people throughout the world. Asylum is one of these laws that’s intended to protect people who have been persecuted in their home countries because of who they are – whether that is due to race, nationality, religious beliefs, political opinions, or social group status.

However, to be granted asylum, refugees must prove that they cannot return to their home country due to persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution. The asylum process is challenging for people who try to manage their case on their own while also trying to recover from the trauma of persecution, but you don’t have to face it alone.

The trusted Framingham immigration attorneys at Brooks Law can help you build a solid case for asylum and help fight for your right to stay in the United States.


If you arrived in the United States as a child immigrant, then you might be eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The United States created this program to give people who were brought to this country as children the ability stay and work legally.

Unfortunately, the program has endured several confusing challenges lately, plus DACA recipients (also called “Dreamers”) must follow multiple complicated requirements to avoid deportation. Immigrants who don’t have a depth of experience navigating the confusing U.S. immigration system can put themselves at risk by just applying for DACA.

Whether you are worried about maintaining DACA eligibility or this is your first time applying for the program, it’s critical to work with a knowledgeable immigration lawyer to protect your legal rights.

Green Cards

Applying for a U.S. green card is often a costly and complicated task for people who try to do it on their own. There are multiple different types of green cards, each with unique conditions and application requirements.

Even when applicants do their best to follow instructions, the government may lose their paperwork or use a small detail to deny their application. What’s worse, once someone’s application is denied, they usually have to wait several years before they can even try to apply again.

One of the best ways to avoid potential mistakes is to work with a respected immigration attorney in Framingham. Our lawyers can handle all the details of your case and make sure your application is as complete and convincing as possible. Our team will keep you updated on your case and fight aggressively for your rights if you run into challenges.


Naturalization is the process by which lawful U.S. permanent residents obtain U.S. citizenship. To naturalize, applicants must pass an interview and exam, plus they must meet a number of eligibility criteria.

These conditions include everything from continuously maintaining residence in the United States for several years to providing evidence to demonstrate that you have “good moral character.” This is an incredibly high and confusing standard that immigration officers can use to deny or delay your application.

The government might decide you are not eligible for naturalization if you have been convicted of even a minor infraction or made an honest mistake, such as filing your tax returns incorrectly. However, an experienced attorney can help you fill out and file your application, prepare for your interview, provide all necessary documentation, and guide you throughout this process.

Why Choose Brooks Law as Your Framingham Immigration Lawyer

At Brooks Law, our respected Framingham immigration attorneys care about your future. Some of the reasons you should choose us to help with your case include:

  • We will carefully review your situation, give you an honest assessment of opportunities available to you, help you understand your legal options, and always be available to answer any questions you might have about your case.
  • We can help you handle every detail of your immigration case, including completing and filing applications, working through the bureaucracy of the immigration process on your behalf, and helping you prepare for immigration interviews or exams.
  • We have decades of experience serving clients throughout Massachusetts and surrounding states with skill and personal attention.
  • Our knowledgeable legal team can work with you in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.
  • You won’t have to wonder about the status of your case – we’ll track your application through the government system and regularly update you on what is happening. Plus you can get a hold of us anytime you have a question or concern.
  • We are dedicated to helping you and your family succeed.

Talk to a Framingham Immigration Attorney About Your Options

Whether you’re trying to apply for a green card or asylum, maintain your DACA status, or help a family member become a naturalized citizen, Brooks Law is here to help you. Contact our knowledgeable immigration lawyers in Framingham today to set up your consultation and get the support and advocacy you need.

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