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EOIR Case Status

Immigration Court Case Status

Eoir Case Status Online

All immigration cases are decided by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). This office is a sub-agency of the United States Department of Justice. You can check your EOIR case status online or by telephone if you fall in the following categories:

  1. You applied for a United States passport

  2. Your case is pending in a USCIS Service Center

  3. Your J Waiver request is pending before the State Department

  4. You applied for a copy of your file under the Freedom of Information Act

What If Your Immigration Case Status Outside Normal Processing Times?

Immigration Court Status

A normal processing time is the time period that an immigration case takes to be resolved. For instance, the normal processing time for a green card is between 8 to 15 months. So, if your case has been pending longer than the normal processing time, you can send an inquiry to the USCIS.

But the USCIS is likely to be actively processing your case if they have done the following in the last 60 days:

  1. They send you an online notification about the progress of your case

  2. They send you a notice about your case

  3. Or when you respond to a request for evidence

Check if your case is listed on their processing time table on their website before you send an inquiry. If it is not listed, it means that they intend to make a decision on your application within 6 months of filing. So, send the inquiry after six months expire.

You Have To Provide Your Receipt Number

EOIR Case Status Check

You will receive a receipt notice several days or weeks after you submit a petition or application to USCIS. You will notice a receipt number beginning with three letters on the receipt. Use this number to trace your case through the system.

People who don’t receive this number should email or call the USCIS Contact Center. It is not always possible to resolve your case on the phone so expect them to make an appointment for you to visit a USCIS office. Bring your copies of your application, personal identification, and other documents relevant to your case when you visit USCIS offices.

Checking Your Case Status Online

Deportation Status Online

Do the following to check your status online:

  1. Visit the USCIS website and open the “Case Status Online” page then enter your receipt number

  2. Open the “Check Case Processing Time” page if you want to know how long it will take to process your application or find out whether your application was lost

  3. If you want case updates, sign up or create an account on the USCIS website

People that have no access to computers can contact the USCIS if their case is taking longer than they expected. Any emails you send to the U.S. government should be concise and polite. Make sure you include your name (as the petitioner), the beneficiary’s name, date of filing and proof that you paid the filing fee in your email.

Checking your EOIR case status may feel difficult, but you can contact an experienced immigration attorney to make the process easier. Some immigration lawyers know how to get information about your status faster than you can.

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