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Q Immigration

What You Get With A Q-1 Visa

Q 1 Visa

This non-immigrant visa only allows an individual to participate in the activities allowed by the visa. But the individual’s immediate family members can come to the United States under a Q-3 visa status. The immediate family members are the spouse and unmarried children under 21 years.

A Q-1 visa lasts as long as the cultural exchange program lasts but not more than 15 months. You can apply for an extension if your Q-1 visa is only valid for less than 15 months. But the extension must not result in a period of more than 15 months if added to the original number of months you already spent in the United States. For example, you can only get an extension of 7 months or less if you already spent 8 months in the United States.

Individuals who had a 15-month Q-1 visa cannot receive an extension once the 15 months expire. Instead, once the 15 months expire they have to leave the U.S. within 30 days. They are allowed to apply for a new Q-1 visa after staying out of the USA for one year.

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