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Reschedule Biometrics Appointment USCIS

Reschedule Biometrics Appointment USCIS

Reschedule Biometrics Appointment

The USCIS will schedule your biometric service appointment to get your fingerprints, photograph and or signature. This happens after you file an application, petition or request. But sometimes for whatever reason you may not be able to go to a local Application Support Center (ASC) on the date for your biometrics appointment.

The only solution is to reschedule the ASC appointment. Get in touch with an immigration lawyer to learn more about how to Reschedule Biometrics Appointment with USCIS.

How To Reschedule Biometric Services

Rescheduling Biometrics Appointment USCIS

You should call the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833) to request to reschedule your ASC appointment. Make the call before your scheduled appointment and ensure you establish good cause for missing the original appointment. You may also check “request for rescheduling” box on your biometrics notice and then mail it to the provided address if you missed the appointment less than a week ago.

But your new biometrics notice from the USCIS may take weeks to arrive.

Another option is to go physically to a local ASC and explain to the officer why you missed your original appointment. Make sure you have a copy of your biometrics notice and other required documents. The consequence of not rescheduling your appointment is your application, petition or request will be denied.

What Is A Good Cause?

Asc Appointment Reschedule

It means a reasonable excuse for being unable to go to the ASC as scheduled. The USCIS will consider the circumstances and facts of your case individually. What that means is that a reasonable excuse for one applicant may not be a reasonable excuse for another applicant.

Remember that your request to reschedule may be denied if you fail to establish good cause.

What If You Did Not Receive Your Biometrics Notice?

USCIS Biometrics Reschedule

You are supposed to receive the notice within three to eight weeks after the USCIS receives your application. There could be an issue if you have not received the notice in more than two months. Sometimes people’s biometric notice gets lost in the mail or is sent to the wrong address.

You can contact the USCIS at 800-375-5283 and ask them to send the notice to the correct address. But be ready to talk to an electronic voice for hours before you get to request for a call-back from a real person.

What Happens At A Biometrics Appointment?

People applying for naturalization, asylum, permanent residency and other types of visa must attend a biometrics appointment. After paying a fee, you will receive a biometrics appointment notice with the exact date and time that you have to show up at the local ASC.

Carry your passport, photo ID, driver’s license and the biometrics appointment notice that identifies what you are applying for. You also have to bring other documents specified in the appointment letter you received from the USCIS. At the appointment the following will happen:

  1. They will take your photo

  2. They will collect your fingerprints

  3. They electronically capture your signature

Applicants under 14 and over 79 years are often not required to give their fingerprints. Do not bring food, weapons, or cameras to your appointment. You should also read your appointment notice for information about which ASC to go to for your biometric appointment.

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