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Find out what clients are saying about Brooks Law

Find out what clients are saying about Brooks Law

Client Testimonials


“Brooks Law was fantastic! I received almost 10x what I was expecting from my workers comp injury. Always returned my calls in a timely manner and really seemed to care for me as a person and not just a client. Thank you Arinda and team!”

- Frank Crowley

“I cannot say enough good things about Attorney Arinda Brooks. She has represented my husband in his workers' compensation case for the last 6 years. Arinda made sure that my husband would have a substantial settlement and will continue to receive the medical care that he deserves. I will definitely refer people to her as a knowledgeable attorney and caring person. Thank you for all your hard work Arinda.”

- Susanna S.

“My husband's case was a difficult one as we were reluctant to file for disability in 2009 when his injury happened. We finally filed and started our case in 2013 and now had to prove his injury was before his insurance had lapsed in 2010. Arinda later took over our case and diligently got every piece of medical information she could to prove his case and fully prepared him for his appearance in front of the judge. On the day of the court appearance, she had gotten into a car accident and still managed to make it to court for our hearing! We are both so grateful for her help in getting him back wages as well as monthly support.”

- Sue M.

“Attorney Brooks is a caring, sincere attorney. I had hurt my back and needed surgery. Attorney Brooks navigated the crazy insurance system to get my medical needs addressed at once. Attorney Brooks was and is alert to all the insurance games one must jump through to get their needs met. She was able to cut them off before they had a chance to succeed at rejecting my claims. When and if the insurance companies should say no, she quickly rejects them and seeks the order of the court system to right the wrong. I was amazed with her intelligence, quick actions and being prepared for the tomorrows by being prepared today. If you are looking for a smart, sensitive, take no bull and all action attorney… then Attorney Brooks is the ONE FOR YOU!”

- T.S.

“Dear Arinda, Sally & I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your honesty, cooperation, patience and just good ole' fashion, down-to-earth assistance you provided to us. We truly believe that the way you presented yourself all the time was not only professional but, treated us like a "friend". We also believe that it was you, that made this possible in getting Sally approved for disability for without you being so instrumental in these proceedings, we still may be fighting the battle. If you ever need justification that YOU ARE THE RIGHT ATTORNEY, look no further than us to quantify that immediately! Again we sincerely thank you.”

- Michael & Sally Renaud

“Throughout my lifetime I've had occasion to hire numerous attorneys for various legal needs. None has proved as effective as Arinda Brooks. Ms Brooks was always available to take my calls or meet with me. She listened to my work history, details of my workplace injury and my concerns. She then developed a strategy to get me the weekly payments and medical treatment I needed. She was always well-prepared when we went to court and did an excellent job at representing me. My Worker's Comp claim was eventually settled for a very significant amount. I feel that I received the very best representation possible and would strongly endorse Arinda Brooks to anyone who suffered a work-related injury and wants to be sure they get everything to which they are entitled.”

- Charles S.

“Jill has Multiple Sclerosis causing short term memory problems, falling and fatigue. Jill had applied for SSD with an agency (non-legal) to no avail and after a year she contacted Arinda R. Brooks in an effort to properly present her situation to the court as she was becoming desperate as she ran out of funds to support herself. Arinda took her case, reviewed the extensive medical information regarding Jill's MS and guided her as to the proper presentation of her situation. After the presentation to the court and the lengthy review by the Judge, Jill was confirmed as being qualified to receive SSD just as she was losing her housing. We cannot thank Arinda enough for her expert guidance through this legal process.”

- Mike Cahill

“I had met with mostly a continuous series of hurdles when trying to deal with the system on my own, leaving me frustrated, confused and exhausted. At my first meeting with Attorney Brooks, her kind, confident and professional demeanor immediately put me at ease. My case was settled, with a result better than I had hoped for, in a relatively short period of time. I would refer anyone seeking assistance with this area of the law to this law practice.”

- Michael O.

“I could never have made it through all the stress of having an accident, losing a career that I dearly loved as well as my income and the four years it took to settle my case, had it not been for the expert guidance of Attorney Brooks. She was ALWAYS there for me. She always got back to me immediately when I emailed or called her re my frustration, fears, confusion and concerns. She is so resilient and prepared for any hurdle that arises and that helped me to cope time and time again. The whole process of Industrial Accidents Court can be very daunting. I strongly recommend having Attorney Arinda Brooks in your corner to help you through it.”

- S.G.
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