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We will help you seek the compensation you deserve after suffering a work injury while employed as a business professional

We will help you seek the compensation you deserve after suffering a work injury while employed as a business professional

Business Professional Injury Attorney

Business Professionals

Business professionals deserve workers’ compensation benefits after being hurt on-the-job just like any other professional. Even though the average office worker or business professional spends most of their day seated at a desk in an air conditioned room, they may still encounter workplace hazards that can cause them to suffer an injury. If you were hurt while on-the-clock as a business professional and cannot return immediately to your job duties, then you can come to Brooks Law to help you seek workers’ compensation benefits.

Throughout our years of legal experience, we have spoken with many business professionals who struggled to get workers’ compensation on their own. Employers and insurance companies are sometimes skeptical of an officer workers’ injury claim, believing they should not or could not be hurt in a controlled office environment. With our assistance and knowledgeability, we can equip you to file or appeal your claim with confidence, striving to achieve a maximized compensation amount on your behalf.

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Injuries Commonly Suffered By Business Professionals

What sort of workplace dangers are there in the average office place or professional work environment? With only a quick review of the potential hazards, or your own company’s accident history, you might be surprised at what you uncover.

A business professional could potentially get hurt due to:

Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are actually the most likely reason a business professional will become injured at work. As the name implies, an RSI occurs when someone does the same action again and again across an extended period of time. Office workers can experience an RSI from sitting in a non-ergonomic chair for many hours in a row and five days a week, or they may develop carpal tunnel or arthritis from typing on a keyboard day-in and day-out. Business professionals can also suffer significant eyestrain or migraines from staring a computer monitor for 40+ hours a week. All of these RSIs may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if they develop into a problem that inhibits work or causes consistent discomfort.

Filing or Appealing with Ease Thanks to Our Law Firm

Brooks Law is all about taking away the stress of workers’ compensation claims for injured employees, from business professionals to construction crews. If you need to file a claim but do not know where to begin, look no further than our friendly team of Massachusetts workers’ comp attorneys. We are backed by a history of successful case results, and we do not charge upfront fees for cases in which we need to pursue a recover on your behalf.

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