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Learn about the most common types of work-related injuries that may be eligible for workers' compensation

Learn about the most common types of work-related injuries that may be eligible for workers' compensation

Types of Work-Related & Occupational Injuries

Work-Related Injuries

Work-related injuries encompass a broad range of several types of injuries and illnesses, such as repetitive stress injuries and occupational illnesses, such as toxic exposure. Most injuries or illnesses are covered; only, the claimant must demonstrate the injury was sustained during “the course and scope of employment.” If you are making a claim, you must demonstrate in your claim that you were performing your job duties or you were located on the premises of your employer when the injury or illness arose.

Common Types of Work-Related Injuries

You may be eligible to receive compensation to cover the costs of your treatment, lost wages, and other damages that have been done. At Brooks Law, we are seasoned Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers, and we are prepared to advocate for you and offer competent, high-quality counsel to assist you.

We represent employees who have sustained work-related injuries, including, but not limited to:

As workers’ compensation attorneys, we investigate every detail of your claim and work to help you obtain benefits that can aid in your recovery. Workers’ compensation claims can offer compensation for your medical bills, temporary or partial disability benefits, and permanent disability benefits if your work injury is barring you from returning to work.

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The legal team at Brooks Law have extensive experience representing those who have been harmed on-the-job.We have the track record of success to prove it. Our knowledge of the law, combined with our passion to delivering results is unrivaled by all others. Workers’ compensation claims need vigorous representation to obtain favorable outcomes. Brooks Law is ready to stand firm for you and help you navigate through the complex laws regarding workers’ compensation claims.

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