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Learn about back injuries in the workplace and how you can pursue a workers' comp claim for your injury

Learn about back injuries in the workplace and how you can pursue a workers' comp claim for your injury

Work-Related Back Injuries

Back Injuries

Back-related workplace injuries are incredibly common, especially in a job that requires physical labor. With jobs that involve heavy machinery and heavy lifting, spinal injuries are the most common workplace injury. If you were injured at work due to the negligence of another, our Medford back injury lawyer can help you seek the compensation you need. We have handled many worker’s compensation cases involving back injuries and our legal team has the know-how to help you pursue the restitution you need after facing a serious and painful injury.

Types of Back and Spinal Injuries

Common workplace back injuries include:

  • Fractures
  • Chronic low back pain
  • Dislocation of adjacent bones
  • Herniated discs
  • Tears in the ligaments
  • Accumulation of blood
  • And more

These injuries can occur from continual heavy lifting without proper training or gear or from accidents like falling or broken machinery. If you are experiencing back pains, speaking with a physician and a Medford back injury attorney is in your best interest.

How to Ensure Liability

Determining liability is one of the most important steps of any injury or workers’ compensation claims. In order to seek compensation, you must be able to prove that you were injured by the negligence of a third party or another individual.

You can prove that you are not liable in your accident if:

  • There was a lack of safety gear or devices
  • There was a lack of training or safety training
  • There were not enough workers or a lack of personnel
  • Faulty equipment caused the accident
  • The accident was caused by a disregard of safety protocol
  • The accident occurred due to a safety concern that was known about and should have been corrected
  • You work at a high-risk job

Are you unsure about the liability in your case? Contact our firm today and speak with our dedicated Medford back injury lawyer. Attorneys at Brooks Law can provide the legal counsel you need to ensure that your injury is not ignored. Do not hesitate to begin your case—retaining legal representation as soon as you are able is in your best interest.

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