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Learn about head injuries in the workplace and how you can pursue a workers' comp claim for your injury

Learn about head injuries in the workplace and how you can pursue a workers' comp claim for your injury

Work-Related Head & Brain Injuries

Head Injuries

Employers have the duty of providing a safe workplace for their workers. Head injuries are one of the most common in the workplace and can occur in any industry and any work environment. It is unfortunate that many workplaces are not safe at all, due to the lack of safety measures and prevention efforts.

Do you worry about the safety of your workplace? Have you or a loved one been injured at work? Contact our Massachusetts workers’ comp attorneys at Brooks Law today to discuss your legal rights!

What Causes Head Injuries at Work?

Our skull protects the brain, with a layer of cerebrospinal fluid that separating the skull from the soft tissue, which is sensitive and vulnerable to potential damage, such as a concussion. A head injury such as a concussion does not have immediate symptoms but is one of the most severe head injuries that can take place, due to sudden or jarring movements to cause our brains to hit the skull.

These occupations tend to have a high risk of head injuries to employees:

  • Roofers
  • Construction workers
  • Painters
  • Athletes
  • Loading dock workers
  • Offshore workers and seamen

After you have been injured, your first priority is to seek medical attention. Remember that the symptoms of a head injury, especially a concussion, may not be apparent right away. Once your doctor prescribes a course of treatment, you should consult with our Medford head injury lawyers to determine if you have grounds for a claim.

What Can I Recover?

Workers’ compensation benefits can cover the cost of your medical bills, lost income due to being unable to work. Head injuries can be relatively minor cases; on the opposite end of the spectrum, a concussion is one of the more severe, life-threatening types of injuries. Because of this, it is in your best interests to retain legal representation as soon as possible.

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