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Learn about hearing loss in the workplace and how you can pursue workers' compensation for your injury

Learn about hearing loss in the workplace and how you can pursue workers' compensation for your injury

Work-Related Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

If you sustained significant hearing loss while on the job, and this loss has limited your ability to work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation or Social Security disability benefits. Employers are expected to provide proper hearing protection to employees regularly subjected to high levels of noise. When this does not happen, a workers’ compensation claim can be filed for any work-related hearing loss that results.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim for hearing loss can be complicated, and significant documentation is required in order to get the claim approved. At Brooks Law, we can help you through the entire claims filing process. Contact a Massachusetts work injury lawyer at our office to discuss your legal options during a free, confidential consultation.

OSHA Regulations for Noise Level Exposure in the Workplace

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every year, more than 20 million workers are exposed to noise levels that could be potentially damaging to their hearing. The issue is so problematic, in fact, that about $242 million is spent on workers’ compensation for hearing loss disability every year, according to estimates from OSHA.

The OSHA legal limit on noise exposure in the workplace is capped at 90 dBA for an 8-hour day. This is based on a 5 dBA exchange rate, which means for every noise level increase of 5 dBA, the amount of time a worker can be exposed to the same level of noise will be cut in half. Employers who do not follow these limits put their employees at significant risk, and may owe workers’ compensation benefits to those who suffer as a result.

We Can Help with Your Hearing Loss Claim. Call for a free Consultation.

At Brooks Law, we believe in providing injured employees with the legal support they need to recover full compensation for their injuries, and we believe in doing at a price you can afford. We accept cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you paying nothing until we reach a favorable resolution on your behalf. Contact our firm today.

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