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Boston Deportation Defense Lawyer

Massachusetts Deportation Lawyer

You should not hesitate to take action if your right to work and live in this country is under threat. Call our immigration attorneys at Brooks Law Firm. Talk to a Boston deportation defense lawyer that not only has the legal knowledge but also years of experience dealing with deportation cases. You need to find a Boston deportation lawyer that knows how the government deals with deportation cases and has helped many families and individuals in your position.

Why People Face Deportations

Massachusetts offers many opportunities for people that want to start businesses and for families that want to settle here. Some people that try to settle here from outside the United States sometimes make mistakes that may lead to deportation. Some of the reasons why you may be deported from the US include:

  1. When you don’t have permission to enter the US

  2. Failure to comply with the rules or conditions of entry to the United States. For example, if you overstay your Visa, you will get deported

  3. Assisting another alien to enter the U.S. unlawfully

  4. You procured your immigration documents fraudulently

  5. Failing to notify the USCIS of change of address if you are a Green Card holder

  6. Committing a crime

  7. Breaking U.S. immigration laws

Crimes That May Lead To Deportation

Some of the crimes that may lead to you getting deported include:

  1. Firearm trafficking

  2. Money laundering

  3. Terrorism

  4. Espionage

  5. Sabotage

  6. Murder

  7. Rape

The court that convicts you of a crime does not make any deportation orders against you. It is up to immigration authorities to decide whether the crime you are convicted of makes you deportable. It is advisable to talk to a Massachusetts deportation lawyer to represent you in any deportation proceedings.

How A Deportation Defense Lawyer Can Help

A Boston deportation defense lawyer can help you in the following ways:

  1. Carefully explain your options so that you can understand your circumstances

  2. Analyze the charges against you to spot any mistakes, errors or discrepancies that your lawyer can use to get your charges to be dropped

  3. Your lawyer will present stand before a judge on your behalf and present any evidence that can help your case

  4. Points out errors in the evidence filed against you, cross examines biased witnesses and delivers closing arguments during trial

  5. Your lawyer can also appeal any misguided decisions by a court

  6. Communicates with your family to provide them with insights about possible outcomes of your case.

Your Boston deportation lawyer can help you file a motion with the court to review your deportation order.

What If You Are In The U.S. Illegally?

People without legal residency need a Massachusetts deportation lawyer to review their case to see if there is a way to cure their unlawful presence. Taking steps to normalize your presence in the U.S. will help you avoid the consequences that come with deportation and criminal charges for being an illegal alien. Whether or not your attempt to normalize your status is successful depends on your circumstances.

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