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Ways You Can Help Prove You Were Not Liable for Your Car Accident

Following any car accident, insurance companies are going to want to know who caused it so they can assign liability. Of course, you must assume that any company not representing you is looking for ways to pile liability for your crash onto you, even when it is unfitting. This is nothing to take personally – insurers are businesses that want to maximize their profits like any other company does – but it is something to take seriously. In order to make certain you are assigned fair liability, which might mean none at all, it is useful to know a few ways to prove liability.

In order to clearly demonstrate liability in a car accident, you should consider:

  1. Driver statements: Sometimes the simplest way to reduce your own liability is allowing the other drivers in your accident to increase their liability. Pay close attention to whatever the other drivers say and listen for anything that might be an admission of guilt. Statements like “I’m sorry about this” could indicate they believe they are the cause of the crash. On the other hand, you must watch what you say to stop yourself from inadvertently increasing your liability.

  2. Eyewitness claims: The clearest perspective of a car accident might be an outside one. Talk to eyewitnesses or Good Samaritans who stop to help out but were not involved with the crash. If they say anything that alludes or mentions another party being to blame for the accident, ask them if they would be willing to give you that claim in writing, or if you could have their contact information for later inquiries.

  3. Emergency responder reports: Police officers, firefighters, and paramedics responding to a car accident should end their days by filing a report of the incident. Such reports can contact crucial evidence of liability and hold weight in court due to the authority of the person who made the report.

  4. Photographic evidence: Do not forget your smartphone’s camera after a car accident, as pictures are still worth a thousand words. Through a series of photographs, you could show how the accident occurred, such as taking pictures of the other car’s tire marks on the road.

Brooks Law Manages Accident Claims Throughout Massachusetts

Have you been in an auto accident in Massachusetts? Brooks Law and our Medford personal injury attorneys can help you with your car accident claim from start to finish. Our goal is enabling you collect as much compensation as possible, whether you earn it in a relatively quick settlement or through a trial verdict. In either situation, we are ready and willing to do what it takes to uphold your rights and best interests.

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