Your Rights as an Injured Worker in Medford

Working with Your Employer & Insurance Companies

Every worker in the state of Massachusetts has the right to a safe and healthy work environment. When on-the-job injuries do occur — whether minimum safety standards were met or not — the employer is financially liable for their employee's injuries. This includes both the cost of medical treatment and compensation for lost wages.

Additional employee rights include:

  • The right to pursue needed medical treatment
  • The right to appeal a workers' compensation decision
  • The right to be represented by a workers' compensation attorney
  • The right to refuse illegal employer requests

Employers are not allowed to request for an employee to pay for their own medical expenses or to not file aworkers' compensation claim. In addition, employers are prohibited from putting any obstacles in the way of filing a workers' compensation claim or harassing their employees for doing so.

Protect your rights with a Medford workers’ compensation lawyer!

Though the workers' compensation system is designed to protect the rights of injured workers, many insurance companies deny claims unfairly. At Brooks Law, we genuinely seek to recover the financial compensation you deserve.

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