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Learn about burn injuries in the workplace and how you can pursue a workers' comp claim for your injury

Learn about burn injuries in the workplace and how you can pursue a workers' comp claim for your injury

Work-Related Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

If you have been burned from a work-related accident, seeking legal counsel could be in your best interest. Burn injuries should not be taken lightly since fourth-degree burns can be fatal. Negligence should never occur in the workplace, especially when heat or chemicals can injure employees. Our Medford burn injury attorney has represented numerous clients that were burned while at work. At Brooks Law, our workers’ compensation team can help you secure the compensation you need after a traumatic injury like a burn.

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Common Types of Workplace Burns

  • Thermal Burn – These burns are what people typically think of when they hear the word “burn.” They are caused by flames, steam, or boiling liquids. This can also include sunburns.
  • Electrical Burn – These can occur by touching an electrical wire or socket, falling into electrified water, or making contact with other electrified objects. If you work with electricity often, receiving an electrical burn is a common risk for injury.
  • Chemical Burn – These occur when a synthetic, acidic, or corrosive substance makes contact with skin, eyes, or other body parts. Wearing appropriate safety gear and clothing can help prevent burns from chemicals in the event of a spill.

Severity of Burn Injuries

If you have experienced a chemical, thermal, or electrical burn, the severity of your burn will be classified.

These classifications are:

  • First-degree burns are the least serious and only occur on the outer layer of skin. These burns can be red, painful, and uncomfortable.
  • Second-degree burns occur on the outer and second layer of skin. Blisters may form with redness, pain, and discomfort.
  • Third-degree burns extend into the fatty layer under the skin. These can destroy nerves, be extremely painful, and result in white leathery skin.
  • Fourth-degree burns are the most severe kind of burn. The damage deep under the skin, damaging nerves, and charring muscles, tendons, and bones. These burns can be fatal.

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Brooks Law is dedicated to helping clients secure the compensation they need after a workplace injury, whether from a burn or a fall or other forms of negligence. If you were burned at work, contact our Medford burn injury attorney today. Attorney Arinda Brooks is committed to the well-being of her clients and helping them pursue the best return possible. We understand the hardships you face in light of your injury, so choose us to help you gain restitution.

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